To My Inner Child

Dear Reader,

Do you ever feel like something vital is missing from your life?  Have you forgotten how to have fun?  Are you serious all the time?  The perhaps you need to connect with you inner child.  Your young self that is the most deeply impacted by early events in life and continues to affect us into adulthood.  Your inner child deserves your love and attention because that inner child is you.  Your inner child is still within you, waiting to be nourished and loved and acknowledged.

Step into that beautiful safe space where he or she is waiting to embrace you, visit often.  Go dance in the rain, laugh more, don’t take life too seriously.  If you allow it, your inner child can show you how to do these things.  Forgive and let go of the things that caused you to lock yourself away.  It is never too late to  heal from those memories and traumas of the past.  I love you…

My Inner Child

You were so innocent and young,

When you were first exposed to evil

And you were told to hold your tongue,

Your world was thrown into terror and upheaval

Life was supposed to be sweet for you then,

But you walked into the lion’s den

Little did you know,

What events would follow


The events that shaped my life today,

That touches every part of it, in every single way


You locked yourself away in a safe place,

To escape the shadows that invaded your space

You locked away the heartache and pain,

To help me cope and live again


And I did live, forgetting that you ever existed,

Because to think of you would remind me of those times, I choose to forget

But the memory of you persisted,

Crying to be remembered and to be liberated from this safety net


I am all grown up now,

Yet something has been missing

And I have forgotten how,

How to have fun, dancing in the rain, laughing, kissing…


I am serious all the time,

I am so hard on myself

As if, having fun is a crime

Where is the mischievous elf?


I thought that I needed to keep us separated to cope,

But we are tied together by a magic rope

I am incomplete without you,

I never realised that you are the one who has always helped me through


You locked yourself in a beautiful garden in my heart,

And I never visited you once since we have been apart

The garden grew weeds from my ignorance and neglect,

You became lonely and sad, a reject

You felt lost and alone, abandoned by me,

I was not coping on my own in reality


I never acknowledged how much you had done for me,

I took for granted the gift of life you gave me

And I threw the away the key,

To this beautiful garden where you live, where you are me


But all that is changing now,

I have found the key and unlocked the door

I embrace you with love and gratitude and to you I bow,

Beautiful child, we shall be together forever more

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