To My Heart

Dear Reader, how many of us still believe in Love?  In this New Age world filled with disillusions about what Love actually is, how do we recognise true Love?  If someone hurts us, we feel the heartache and put a ‘band-aid’ on to make it better.  However, that pain never truly goes away, instead it shows up in every relationship in our lives, especially in the relationship with ourselves.  True Love begins with self-love, I wish you an abundance of Love and the courage to Love yourself unconditionally…


To My Heart

I don’t believe in Love,

When did this happen?

I never realised,

But an incident caused it to materialise

From sub-conscious to conscious


Too many disillusions, too many heartbreaks

I’ve built a fortress around my heart,

That no one can penetrate

Yet my heart still bleeds and aches,

It bleeds through the gaps and cracks of my fortress


How can this be?

I am in denial,

I do not wish to see

Surely, I love others, how can this be true then?

I love my family, I love animals

Yes I do, but it is safe to love them


Life in a fortress is not a life at all

These walls must surely fall,

It takes the pain from the past and locks it in

It is self-imprisonment, self-torture from within


There is a reason for this awakening,

No longer can I ignore the calls

Yet I do not know how to let down my walls

I suppose acknowledgement is the first step

But what then?

How do I trust myself and others again?

My heart knows the way,

My heart is magnificent and infinitely wise

My heart is patient and waits for the day,

When I am going to say…

Let’s go my dearest heart, my oldest friend,

Let’s go out and play, let’s shine our magnificence for others to follow

Let’s share this wondrous joy with the world

Until the end….

I love you dearest heart, thank you

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