Dear Reader,

Why do we suffer?

I believe that suffering is inevitable, just as Buddha himself once discovered.  How much and how long we suffer, is up to us.

I noticed that I suffer more when I start to think about all the problems in this world and I feel so helpless and overwhelmed.  This in turn causes me to focus on my own problems and soon enough, I am drowning in a sea of suffering.

There is no end to suffering, it is part of life, part of this world and part of our personal journey.  There are many tools we can use to alleviate our suffering, meditation is one of them.  But it is important to identify and acknowledge our suffering, only then can we move past it.

I love you deeply and whoever you are and if you are suffering, know that you are not alone.  It is okay to not feel fine all the time.  Know that by accepting and embracing your feelings, you can heal yourself, the way out is through.  Remind yourself that this too shall pass.

A Buddhist prayer that I like to recite:

May all beings have happiness and create the causes of happiness,

May they be free from suffering and may they create the causes that liberates them from suffering,

May they find noble happiness that can never be tainted by suffering,

May they attain universal, impartial compassion free from worldly bias towards friends and enemies

From my own personal experience, I suffer whenever I:

  • dwell in the past
  • refuse to accept the way things are going in my life
  • have expectations which leads to disappointment
  • fail to see the blessings in my life
  • compare myself to others
  • reject parts of myself because I don’t ‘fit in’
  • lose trust in myself and the Universe
  • feel helpless because I cannot save the world and the needless suffering we inflict upon ourselves and each other
  • cannot save the billions of land and sea animals who suffer tremendously and die horrible deaths at the hands of humans
  • feel helpless because I think that I cannot save myself


How do I begin to explain,

The incredible depths of my pain

Where do I start,

To describe what’s in my heart


So much sadness, so much heartache

How much more can one person take?

I hear the cries and feel the anguish of every living thing,

It is unbearable, this suffering is overwhelming


I try to block this feeling,

I eat, I procrastinate, any distraction to make me think that I am dealing

All the while, this pain consumes me,

I feel angry, helpless and guilty


With closed heart and eyes open, I look around,

My world is upside down!

Nothing ever goes my way,

No matter how much I pray


Great spirit, please save me,

I am drowning in this turbulent sea

I am losing myself and cannot find the light,

How many times am I supposed to get up and fight?


I look around again and again,

Searching for my saviour and wondering, when?

If I hang on just a little bit longer,

Will that make me stronger?


Suffering, suffering….

This darkness is smothering, smothering

Wait, is this karma?  Am I paying a debt?

Hmm, perhaps I just need to accept…


Time goes by, still suffering, suffering…

This darkness still smothering, smothering

Wait, am I not showing enough gratitude?

Perhaps, I need to adjust my attitude…


Time goes by, still suffering, suffering…

This darkness still smothering, smothering

Oh I know, I always do everything wrong

I am not good enough and so I am unworthy and I don’t belong


I can see that I am just going around and around,

My pain and misery is so profound

I don’t want to go on, life is too tough,

What is the point of all this, when whatever I do is never enough!


What would happen if  I just let it all go?

If I stopped trying to control and let it flow

What if I start to trust the process?

And accept that I am a beautiful mess

Then, would I suffer less?


I also know that it is my yesterday’s pain and sorrow,

That I cannot carry with me into my today and tomorrow

The pain is real only in my mind,

And the time has come to leave it all behind


I don’t need to find a saviour, I am my own hero,

I am the one who can bring myself back up from zero

The light that I am seeking is within,

That is where it has always been


A shift in perception,

Can help me see through my mind’s deception

I have the power to choose,

And to change my views

In this suffering, I can remain suspended,

Or release it and be transcended


We don’t suffer alone, but collectively too,

Freeing myself can help free you


Come with me now my sister and brother,

Let us unite and share our suffering with each other

There is no shame and no one to blame,

Life is, after all, just a game

Relax and enjoy the ride,

Great Spirit is always on your side




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