My Soul

Dear Reader,

What is a Soul?  Do you believe that you have a Soul?  This poem accurately describes my experience with my Soul.  For a time, after I learnt this, I had written on my mirror with a marker pen, the following: ‘How may I serve?’ to remind myself everyday that I do have a Soul and that my purpose is to align with my Soul.

It is not always easy to do as life gets in the way.  We are challenged in ways sometimes where we feel like we might not ever recover.

I do know this,  my Soul is always there.  It is patient and loving and it longs to communicate with me and sometimes it succeeds.  How do I know this?  It is in those moments when I am able to see only love despite the circumstances.  For instance, when someone has hurt me deeply, initially all I feel is anger, pain, resentment but to see the situation through the eyes of the Soul, I am able to look at that person with love and to recognise the Soul within them too!  Then I realise that there is so much more happening here than just surface feelings.

There is a deep lesson for both of the Souls involved.  If we could just recognise and acknowledge that, we would be able to move on and evolve.  However, if we do not learn the lesson then the pattern will repeat itself continuously until we do.

Soul is eternal…


My Soul

I used to feel that I had this gaping hole,

Because I never before truly connected with my soul

I used to think this life was all about me,

My dreams, my desires, my identity

Until, I recently went on a ‘trip’

And during a momentary lapse in a dip,

I suddenly entered this sacred space

Within myself, that is full of wisdom, love and grace

I am in awe, I must be high,

My brain could not process

What I was seeing with my third eye

It defies logic, it is fathomless

This unique opportunity is priceless

I am the Watcher, I am observing,

The story of my soul is beautiful and unnerving

My soul resides inside me,

I am the vessel but I am also the key

The key that opens the door,

That will allow me to learn more

My soul does not care about things,

Nor what status and money brings

It has tried hard to communicate with me,

But I am all consumed with how my life should be

I am caught up in a web of deceit and illusion,

What I think I am, is a laughable delusion

It longed to show me its magnificent light,

That eternally burns Divinely bright

But, I did not want to see

Because I believed there is only me

What will happen to me when I die?

And realised that there is no ‘I’

What has caused this separation?

Many years of conditioning and my spiritual stagnation

I am humbled, I feel blessed,

That I was permitted to glimpse this scared guest

And so I understood,

Without any words, that nothing is random, this is my soul’s path

It could not have happened any other way, I know this in my heart

I pray that I never forget to ask,

To ask my soul everyday

How can I serve, what can I do today?

To remember who I really am,

To remember the song,

So that one day I can return home

Where I truly belong

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