My Path To Enlightenment

Dear Reader,

I am sure that many of us are desire to improve, heal and lead the lives we were meant to live.  I have found that in seeking this ‘elusive golden path’ called Enlightenment, I was under the impression that all my troubles would simply melt away and that I will be problem free, stress free, unimaginably powerful and rich!  Lol, what a journey this has been and is still continuing.  There is no ‘other’ path, the golden path is the path that we walk every single day by showing up and embracing whatever comes our way.  I hope you enjoy my poem, a story about my own personal experience on the path to enlightenment.  What has your experience been like?  Please share as I would love to hear from you.

Truth, Love and Light


My Path To Enlightenment

(What Does it Mean to be Enlightened)?


Ah, to be enlightened must surely be a wondrous thing!

It means that I will become this amazing being

I will have super powers and fly to the moon,

And I will learn the secret of the universe and grant myself any boon!


So I eagerly set off on this path,

Full of expectations to fulfill my heart

I started to meditate twice a day,

To master my mind without further delay


I set myself up, doomed by expectation

I fully expected to tame my monkey mind through meditation,

I reached some highs and grew attached to this state,

So that when the lows came, I began to hate


To the Universe, I ranted and raved

Why was I not getting the riches I craved?

When I worked so hard to become the perfect being,

To feel compassion and oneness with every living thing


In addition to the meditation, many years to affirmations

And still a big fat nothing!  My life has not changed,

And on and on I would go, repeating this cycle of high and low


Here is what I have learned over time,

Meditation is my medication

It is an amazing tool to use,

But use it wisely, or you will lose

It pierced through the veil of illusions,

But more importantly, it showed my grand self-delusions

It was a bitter pill for me to swallow,

That my thoughts, my desires could be so shallow


To the Universe, I ranted and raved some more,

About what should be, could be, would be

Never seeing what already is!


I pursued my path to enlightenment

With a single minded purpose

I wanted all the glory, its all about me!

And so I simply forgot to be


I finally come down, down, down,

And I take the time to look around

In adopting such an arrogant attitude,

I forgot to feel deep gratitude

For what is already there,

Riches beyond compare


So, now I meditate without expectation

Acceptance of things as they are, has raised my vibration,

The universe is infinitely loving and patient

And I finally saw the sign,

That within the shape of my life, is the Universe’s ultimate design


True happiness lies within me,

The struggle is real and not yet won,

But winning is not the point, it’s not the reason we are born

Showing up with courage and facing our true selves is what counts

Don’t shy away from the darkness; one need not overcome it,

We simply allow it to be


In pursuing this madness I have found,

That it is only by my thoughts that I am bound

Being enlightened allows me to see,

The extraordinary in the ordinary


So, instead of demanding from the Universe,

I now humbly ask, how may I serve?

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  1. Your writing speaks to my soul. The way you put your thoughts and feelings into words inspires me. I hope there is a book in your future, maybe you already have enough for a book here. Can I perhaps take a few of these and post on my FB page? There are a few that really spoke to me . I have no idea what you currently do to earn a living but if you arnt writing then it isnt for you

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