My Angels

Dear Reader,

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Let us not forget that the most important person to love is yourself.  The poem I am sharing today, reminds me of how important it is to love ourselves, happiness is not external to us, it comes from within.

Everyone goes through a hard time at some point in their lives.  I pray that we all have those earth Angels as I had who helped me get through mine.

My Angels


Heartache, sorrow, trauma, despair,

All of this, my battered soul can no longer bear

I finally fell, fell, fell,

Deep into the pit that was a self-made hell


I am utterly broken, I am torn,

Wishing that I had never been born

My pain is exposed for all to see,

I am beyond caring what happens to me


I am ready to embrace death by my own hand,

The pain is too great and I cannot stand

I feel so unloved and all alone,

Wouldn’t it be better if I were gone?


Ala, it was not to be,

‘It is not your time’

The universe gently said to me

I look up from the pit and I see a faint light,

There is hope; I can make it, a chance to fight

I slowly, painfully, claw my way back out

With the help of my angels to show me the way,

I climb up bit by bit, I even shout!


My angels cry because I want to throw my life away,

They show me how precious I am to them

They remind me that I am the brightest gem

Their love for me brings me back to the light,

And they hold on to me with all their might


I realise then that I am not an empty shell,

That my pain is just my own hell

I could step out whenever I wanted to,

I just needed someone to help me through

I am grateful to my angels who are always there,

Waiting in the side-line in case I fall

And I know that they truly care,

This is after all, true love’s call

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  1. Hi Naazi! Yet another beautiful and sensitive poem that touches the heart, and gives voices to a shared experience to most humans. Thank you it is beautiful

  2. Touches one deep in the heart and soul. There are many who walk this path alone or with love and support. Your angels are always with you. Thank you for sharing🙏

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