Moving On

Dear Reader,

Have you ever struggled to move past something or someone in your life?  Especially when you absolutely believed that you were in the perfect place and you could not understand why things didn’t go your way.  I would say that with time and acceptance comes a deeper understanding.  We may not get what we want and as hard as it is to accept, we always get what we need.  I love you 🙂

Moving On

I dreamed of a day,

When you would come to me and say…

‘I am sorry that I hurt you,

Is there any chance for us to work this through?’

But to my utter surprise,

When that day came, I no longer saw you with the same eyes

I managed without you for so long,

And now, we are not singing the same song

What I thought I could not live without,

Has shown me that’s not what I’m about

How I have suffered with this pain,

But I needed to be reminded of my purpose again

We have come full circle my friend,

And I know that for me, this is not how it will end

I now know that you were a blessing in disguise,

To help me awaken and to see with clear eyes

That I have chosen to walk this path,

To learn how to live and love with a wide open heart

How wonderful it would be if we could see,

That within our hardship lies the key to be set free

To forgive everyone is easier said than done,

Start with yourself and watch how you will transform…



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