Miracles in Nature

Dear Reader,

Lately, I have been experiencing an awakening even more deeply to Mother Nature and I really wanted to share some of that with you.  My words are inadequate to accurately describe what I see and feel but perhaps I can relay some of it here to you.

When we start to connect with nature, nature connects with us and we will find patterns and inspiration in nature to help us with our own lives.

We are not alone on this planet and we get so caught up in our lives, our problems and just surviving and we forget.  We have forgotten so much and I hope I can help you to remember how magnificent you really are.  What you may not realise is that you already have the innate ability to connect deeply with yourself and nature.

I pray that we will wake up in time to save our beautiful planet for ourselves, for all the beings we share it with and for future generations to come.  It all starts with you in our own mind, in your own space, believe in miracles beautiful ones.  We are the ones who have come to save ourselves.  Thank you for reading, I love you.

Miracles in Nature

Do you ever pause for a moment to see,

What Mother nature has to offer you and me

Incredible miracles every single day,

Each one amazing in its own way

Sweet, gentle ants scurrying around,

Wherever there is the tiniest crumb to be found

It is a privilege to observe them all,

They are filled with purpose and determination, despite being so small

They inspire me to never lose hope

In the face of adversity, when I feel I can’t cope

Delicate and graceful birds,

Observing them, my heart fills with love and I have no words

Hearing their joyful song at sunrise,

And I wonder what stories they share across blue skies

Just like the ants, they are strong and resilient,

And their harmony with Mother is nothing short of brilliant

I think of myself living within my concrete walls,

I want to run outside instead whenever Mother calls

What can I say about the majestic trees,

Lashing in the wind or swaying in the gentle breeze

Their presence fills my heart with gratitude and makes me feel whole,

Sitting with them, touching them, hugging them is a direct line to communicate with my Soul

They stand tall, beautiful and strong,

Their branches provide shelter where birds can sing their song

They know me intimately,

And they love infinitely

I am yet again deeply humbled and amazed,

By these miracles, I am dazed

I have fallen in love so deeply,

And Mother has won over my heart completely

I have the greatest respect for all her children,

And I can only aspire to learn all that is seemingly hidden

I pray to step lightly upon the earth with my feet,

As I am aware that there is a whole world teeming with life underneath

I pray that you remember that there is not only you and I,

And next time, you won’t be so annoyed when you see a fly 🙂

Miracles in nature remind us that we are One,

And separation? Why, there is none!

I am the fly, I am the bee,

I am the bird and I am also the tree

We are all moving in perfect harmony

The wind is my brother, The earth is my Mother,

The Sun, Moon, Stars, Fire, Water, we are all connected to one another

Dear one, do you ever pause for a moment so see,

What Mother Nature has to offer you and me

Incredible miracles every single day,

Each one amazing in its own way…



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  1. I’m very happy to find this page. I want to to thank you for ones time for this particularly fantastic read!!
    I definitely liked every bit of it and I have you saved as a favorite to look at new information in your blog.

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