I know that I am not alone,

And people tell me to be happy on my own

Yes, I get it and I do that,

I don’t believe it is something I need to work at

No, the loneliness that I am alluding to,

Is one that can only be understood by you

It shows itself when the masks come down,

After a day spent keeping up pretenses with everyone around

It creeps up on a quiet night,

To remind me that everything isn’t alright

It is a deep yearning,

Which under the layers is always burning

We can cool these flames with distractions,

Money, ‘power’ and perceived attractions

But we can never fully put out the fire,

This smoldering need will never expire

Perhaps I mistake this loneliness, this burning hole,

To mean that I must find the one who is made for my Soul

But perhaps what is really wrong,

Is that I have never felt that I truly belong

I am tired of living as just another number,

I want to wake up from this deep slumber

Every fibre of my being cries to be liberated to roam,

So that one day, I can finally return to my true home

I have forgotten so much about who I really am,

I get caught up with my life which feels mostly like a sham

I feel like a fraud, a phony, a fake,

Willing my authentic self to finally wake

I remind myself not to become frozen,

And to remember the path that I have chosen

To the Universe I am sending out my vibe,

Please help me to find my Tribe

To the galaxies near and far,

Please help me to find my Star

That Star which is my home,

Where my Soul will finally be free to roam…











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