I See You – A Voice for the Voiceless

I See You – A Voice for the Voiceless
I wrote this piece to honour a little dog that I hear crying in my neighbourhood every day. Heart –wrenching cries. I have tried 3 times to locate him and speak with his people but had no success yet. According to the SPCA, a dog pining every day and dying of loneliness is not considered animal abuse and therefore is legal. Their recommendation is that I contact Noise Control – really?

Dedicated to all the non-human animals, land, air and sea creatures who for the most part go unseen, unheard, unacknowledged even though they are undeniably connected to us.

Little Angel, I see you, I feel you, I am sorry, I’m trying
What is wrong with us?!?
Am I the only one who can hear you?
Why do your cries fall on deaf ears?
Has humanity become so disconnected from their own light?
We don’t have an ounce of self compassion so how will we stand up for you and fight?

I am on my knees praying and weeping for you every day,
And I cannot find you even though you are just a stone throw away
I don’t know how else to express my intense pain
We continue to fail you and I can only hang my head in shame

I want you to know that I am here
Holding space and sitting beside you in your sadness,
I feel your big, beautiful heart shattering into a million pieces every day,
Because you don’t understand why they go away

You don’t have the capacity to be evil
And a big part of your purpose on earth is of the highest calling,
To help humanity face their own inner devil

The price you pay with your life is too high
How many more of you must needlessly suffer and die?
Before we can wake up and see that we are One
Love and compassion is everything when all is said and done

I will never give up searching for you and trying to save you
I am prepared to steal you away, or to buy your freedom,
And if I cannot do this, I promise from my heart to be true
To continue to honour you and hold the space until you return to that eden,
Safe in the arms of the Great Spirit

Just because you don’t have a voice and words that sounds like mine,
Does not mean that I cannot feel you with my heart and the Sacred Divine

Thank you for all that you do for us,
Thank you for holding the massive space that you do for this entire planet
Thank you for your sacrifice to help humanity awaken

I will never stop praying for you everyday,
And send love and healing light your way
I feel called to be your voice,
How I have resisted answering this call,
But really, there never was any other choice

Thank you for bursting my heart wide open
So that I may stand with courage to hold you,
And acknowledge your suffering and pain
To let the flood of tears flow freely for you,
Without caring about the labels I have been given for doing so

Do you think that I am too sensitive and weak for crying deeply
For every non-human being that I see suffering at the hands of humanity?
Then yes I am and I embrace it all and I challenge you to find that place within yourself,
It is not a comfortable place to be in, it hurts everyday
But we are not here for comfortable spaces, we are here to walk each other home
Every species on this planet, we are One

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