I Am Enough

Dear Reader,

I have been a bit quiet the last few days, mainly due to my focus being drawn elsewhere.  However, I am back and glad to be :))

My poem today talks about the internal struggle that many of us, if not all of us go through on a daily basis.  My belief is that one need not kill the ego, it is possible to integrate.  Meditation is a powerful too to assist with this integration.  It is more a shrinking of the ego rather than an ego death.  What are your thoughts on it?  I would love to hear from you!  I hope that you enjoy it…love and blessings

I Am Enough

Mind asks, why are you here?

You’re not good enough

Listen to your small, funny voice

You’re worthless, you’re not even tough

Your words are so inadequate

What made you think that you could do this?


Ego says, listen to me now, I know best

I know everything and I am better than every one

I hear their voices, I see their looks, it is not safe to rest

I must be alert and suspicious

Stick with me now, I will protect you

You must never let your guard down

Whenever ‘others’ are around

I will always be with you, whispering assurances in your ear

You have nothing to fear

Soul says, beautiful one, can you see

There is no I, there is only we

You are eternal Love and Divine light

You sparkle even on the darkest night

Every being you encounter is connected to you

So love yourself and others too

Shine your light for others to see

Show your vulnerability, so that they too can be set free

Let go and bask in this love

You are blessed and guided from above


Mind:  Don’t you see, you are NOT worthy of being a Divine Light!

Ego:  Don’t trust the light, trust me!  If you follow the light, you will lose me, I am your identity!


To my mind, thank you but I refuse to believe your stories about me

I am enough, I am perfect and worthy

I know how brilliant you are, you just need a little taming

With practice, you will come to serve me and there will be no more shaming

To my ego, thank you for protecting me with your grand delusions

But I can take it from here, I assure you, there is nothing to fear

Soul knows the journey and the destination

Let us integrate and move as one

To fulfil our purpose and to become


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