Farewell To A Dear Friend

Farwell To A Stray (Someone not something)


I saw you when no one else wanted to see,

I saw your struggles, your strength and your beauty

The many hardships you bore to make it through each day

When you asked for food, you were ignored or chased away


I befriended you a few years ago,

And time and distance did not stop our flow

You could not let me touch you,

Because you had never felt a loving hand your whole life through


Life and people passed you by,

Never wanting to look you in the eye

Treating you as if your existence was meaningless,

To them you were just a nuisance, something worthless


Seasons came and went and you survived it all,

Even though you looked so delicate and small

You didn’t have the luxury to snuggle and play,

Your main concern was to make it through the day

You didn’t have a home to call your own,

It breaks my heart that you had to do it all alone

I called for help but no one cared,

Maybe if more did, then your life could have been spared


But all that is behind you now,

Your time has come to take a final bow

How I wish that I could be by your side,

To bear witness to how hard you tried


I saw you when no one else wanted to see,

And from the first moment, I loved you deeply

I am sorry that I could not save you,

But I hope that you knew my love was true


I see you, I love you, I am sorry, I tried,

And today, for you I cried and cried

May my tears echo throughout time,

For all to hear my plea against such a crime

A crime by humanity for lack of compassion for all living beings,

I pray your death is not in vain and that one day we will value your life as much as we do ‘things’


My beautiful Angel, I wish you farewell,

Your suffering is at an end

And across the rainbow bridge, may you forever dwell

To never know unkindness my friend,

Where my kind can never hurt you again


Farewell to a beautiful Soul,

Your loss leaves in my heart a gaping hole

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