Embrace The Darkness

She is feeling high, feeling low, speeding up, moving too slow.  She is ready to make the jump, to take the chance and say yes to life.  To the life she desires, the life she deserves.

So many years of living for others and as she now stands on the edge, her old friends call out to her.  These old friends are Fear, Doubt, Shame, Guilt, Unworthiness.  ‘What about me?’ they all ask.  They feel heavy on her wings and she desperately wants to turn back to the old familiar.  She does not want to abandon them.  Guilt is creeping up to sit on her shoulder and Shame is whispering in her ear. Unworthiness has wrapped itself around her legs.  Doubt is sitting firmly atop her head. She no longer feels as light and airy as she was just a few moments ago.  Tears of frustration and rage pour down her soft cheeks.  She is already starting to berate herself for thinking that she could ever leave.

The gentle breeze nudges her hair and she looks forward once again.  On the edge of the precipice, is the great Unknown.  She sighs, she turns around once more.  She gently lifts Unworthiness from her feet; she gathers Fear, Doubt, Shame and Guilt.  She holds them in a warm embrace and she says to them: ‘you have carried me this far and I thank you for that.  I feel strong enough now to go to the Great Beyond.  I shall never forget you for you will always reside in me.  You will help me to remember my greatest potential and you will ignite this potential in others.’

And with that, all her friends were absorbed into her heart that was so full of love.  She turned to edge once more; she smiled, spread her wings and stepped off.

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