Can You See Me?

Can You See Me?


I feel so lonely,

Even though I am not alone

I feel so invisible,

It is as if I am already gone


I reach out to you,

Can you see me?

But you look right through,

Its as if you don’t hear my plea


I feel so rejected

Each time I put out my hand,

You don’t notice and I feel more dejected,

I retreat further into my own dreamland


Every time I walk past you

Silently praying,

That today you will call me by my name


Is it my own perception,

That makes me think that I don’t pass your inspection?


Pain from a long time ago,

Had caused me to withdraw into my shell

Now when I look up I know,

That it is a place I no longer wish to dwell


Yet I do not know how,

To be seen again in the ‘here and now’


See, I’ve learnt something about me and you

We both wear a mask,

Too afraid to take it off, to feel something real and true

Because you may have lost something or someone too


I wish, I really wish that you would see

That I am you and you are me

Can you see me?

I pray that you do

Because I am patiently waiting

To embrace you…

3 Replies to “Can You See Me?”

  1. Such depth and Clarity in your writing, you speak of universal truths that all have gravity over us. I look forward to reading more of your writing .

    Thank you for sharing your gift with the world

    1. Thank you so much Matthew. I agree that this is a universal truth, there are so many of us walking around in this life feeling unheard and unseen, never really realizing that we are all connected and by sharing our feelings, we will come to know that we are never truly alone.

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