Being Real

Dear Reader,

How many of us can say that we are at all our times, our authentic selves?  Society and conditioning has taught us to believe that we should always look our best, paste on that fake smile even if we are dying inside.  Heaven forbid that anyone should see our true feelings because everyone else looks so well put together.  What we don’t realise is that the person next to us, right now, could be going through some kind of hell but we will never know about it.  We look away quickly, not making eye contact long enough to see what is being reflected to us.  I pray that by sharing some of my authentic feelings with you, then you may know that you are not alone.  Lots of love…xxx


Being Real

Whatever you feel, keep it inside,

But let me tell you, there is no place to hide

Society teaches us that showing our vulnerability is a weakness,

Wear a mask and you are a genius


We start to feel that we are separate from each other,

And we forget that we are a sister or a brother

Go ahead, ask someone:  how are you today?

The standard response; I’m fine and you!

We don’t really want to hear what the other has to say,

We cannot handle something authentic and true

Our hearts are closed and guarded,

To hear another’s story means that we would have to admit,

How our own feelings have been discarded

We do not wish to hear,

It is the answer that we fear

Most of us are just plodding along, getting by,

I could tell you the same

But no one will look me in the eye,

Long enough, to make a connection beyond my name

We hide behind our fake smiles in shame,

Always looking for something or someone to blame

Bad news, bad weather, bad luck,

All the while still staying stuck

What is wrong with us?

Why are we so numb?

Has society and conditioning really made us so dumb?


Ask me today, how am I feeling?

The truth is that at the moment, I feel like crap, but I’m dealing,

I have been hurt by another and from this deep, horrible pain I am still reeling

I don’t feel well,

It hurts so much and it feels like I am in hell

There are times when I am in the depths of despair,

But my mask I will faithfully wear

What I really want to do, is fall to my knees and breakdown and cry

Sometimes, I even want to die

You may feel uncomfortable to hear this,

It may burst your bubble of fake bliss

I know that I will recover from this one day,

And that I will be okay

The darkness will eventually become lighter,

And my world will once again seem brighter

Because I am a fighter


But for all of this madness,

I feel a great sadness

We feel afraid to connect with each other

Let me ask you, how are you today?

And I will listen deeply to what you have to say

So I invite you, my sister, my brother,

Look, really look at the person next to you now,

Put your hands together at your heart and bow

Namaste, the Divine in me bows to the Divine in you,

I see you,

And I see that you struggle too

I see your sorrow and your pain,

How can I help you to find your light again?

Let us reach out a hand to those who have fallen,

Let’s answer our soul’s true calling

The real reason we are here, to fulfil our purpose,

To get through this beautiful life that is sometimes a circus


All our pain, trauma, grief, anger, locked away,

It escapes in the form of energy reverberating through the universe

And comes back to us, tenfold, as collective decay

Our energy affects Mother Earth as a whole,

And all of this control, is now taking its toll

If we want to save the only world we live in,

Then best we start healing from within

The key to our salvation,

Is to help raise each other’s vibration

So that we can heal and unite as a nation,

You are not an empty shell,

Heal yourself because this is only place your soul can dwell

From birth,

Until the end of your time on earth…

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